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The Laptop Lifestyle Key No One Is Talking About


Noun | The habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

So that’s the dictionary definition of lifestyle…

Here’s my definition:

The Laptop Lifestyle Key No-One Is Talking About

Basically, live anywhere, go anywhere, do anything, any time you want.

Nothing holding you back.

No limiting belief system saying you don’t deserve good things.

No opinions of others demanding you to just settle down and get a good stable job.

No red lines in your bank account STRONGLY suggesting that you put off your vacation this year…again.

Can you imagine a lifestyle like that?


Because that’s what it’s going to take for you to get there.

You see, you have gotten it all wrong. You have been thinking that you will start doing those amazing things once you’ve achieved success (we each have our own definition. Mine was SOME kind of, ANY kind of money in the bank!).

You have got to throw that kind of thinking out the window!

The Laptop Lifestyle Key No-One Is Talking About - You will never achieve a lifestyle of freedom if you do not take care of this ONE thing… |

Here is what it really takes to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

Lean in here, because this is gold.


Thank you ladies and gentlemen, good night!

What? You need more?

OK, I got you. Here it is.

In order for you to reach the heights that you dream of, you have to be completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) happy where you are right now.

All right, all right, all RIGHT!!!

I hear you!!

Your life is soooooo not where you want it to be right now.

I know.

I’ve got a workaround for you 😉

I have always been the most positive person I know. I believe the best about everyone and everything and I’m just sure it’s all going to work out somehow.

But even oozing all this positivity, my life was in a shambles. It made no sense to me…for years. So I kept plugging along doing the only thing I knew how to do: stay positive and believe it would all work out.

And then somewhere along the way, in the myriad of personal development books I discovered the missing key.

Yes, I was happy all the time – but under the surface I was mad.

Yes, I thought positive thoughts all the time – but lurking in my subconscious were thoughts I wasn’t aware of…and these ones weren’t so positive.

Yes, I had huge dreams that I could practically taste – but my yet-undiscovered inner voice was sabotaging me with a belief that I didn’t deserve such grandness.

When I finally put it all together, I had a much stronger energy than my surface happiness and positivity lurking under the surface, and it was running the show. This is why I was able to say I really was happy and grateful and all that, but when I really looked at what was showing up in my life, the real story was grim.

Let me just take a time out here in my walk down memory lane to say…I’m OK with the fact that I thought I had happiness, gratitude, and positivity all figured out. I really WAS all those things, and I’m more than grateful that I was. My journey could have been a whole lot harder if I hadn’t already harnessed the power of those powerful keys to life.

It’s just that as I kept peeling back the layers, I found more and more ways to access TRUE deep inner happiness, gratitude and positivity.

And that, my friends, has made all the difference.

You know that magical phrase “all my prayers have been answered”? This was it for me. My holy grail.

It was mind blowing, life changing, and a homecoming for me.

And here’s the kicker.

When I became truly happy FIRST, success followed. The lifestyle followed. All my dreams followed. Click To Tweet

So I’m here to bring you with me.

Stop the sabotage now (even if you don’t know you’re doing it…like me ;))

As an entrepreneur, there can be a lot of moving parts, and it’s all too easy to succumb to overwhelm. Then you end up spinning your wheels doing busywork in a desperate attempt to create a successful business. Any attempts by your loved ones to woo you away from your desk eventually fade away because they really aren’t looking for a shell of a body with a mind elsewhere to be with them on their adventures…they are desiring engagement.

You must be fully present in your happy for it to actually be happy! You can’t be thinking about all the things you “should” be doing.

Whatever you are doing, focus exclusively on THAT.

When you’re working in your business, be laser focused on getting better and better at what you’re putting out in the world.

When you’re focusing on your family, create the most vivid memories you can.

When you’re focusing on personal time, focus utterly and completely on you.

When you’re creating your future, intentionally block out all distractions, and give yourself over to your new life, dreams, and desires.

THIS is how you can be happy in the moment.

THIS is how you can be happy now, even if everything seems to be falling down around you.

Create that deep inner happiness and gratitude for what you have right now, for the experiences you’re creating right now, for the family, friends, loved ones you have right now. You are so blessed. Take the time multiple times a day to notice. That will cement your true inner happiness…and from that, just watch your life explode into greatness!

Your lifestyle is the result of how well you focus on right now to create deep inner happiness.

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