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Let's Be Honest... We Could All Use
More Bubbly and Less Chaos
In Our Business {am I right?}

Introducing a powerful suite of biz tools that will transform you from the Invisible Employee to a Powerful CEO!!

When you run your business flying by the seat of your pants, meaning you don't have a plan or a strategy or a clear vision in place, and you probably aren't tracking a doggone thing (yeah, I can see you :)), I call this running the "Invisible Employee" program. 

There is NOTHING more important in your business than accessing your inner Invisible Employee and transforming her into the Powerful CEO that you {already} are!!

"You can't play small when you are
the CEO of your business." 

Most Online Entrepreneurs Are {unknowingly} Leaving Money On The Table

You've worked hard in your business. Your genius is crazy cool and it's about to be released to the world. Well, it's been "about" to be released for a long time now.
What's stopping you? You've done everything right. You've got the snazzy website. You're posting on social media. You've got some cute selfies...maybe even a beautiful headshot or two. Your online territory is lookin' GOOD! But where's all the money they told you about? Isn't it supposed to be flowing in by the buckets-full by now??
It's not your fault. Well, I mean, not *really*. I'm all about taking 100% responsibility for ourselves, so I'm not going to let you off the hook on THAT one ;). BUT here's the thing. You don't know what you don't know. When you are undertaking the process of transforming yourself into a Powerful CEO, you've got to have help. It's too big a job for just one person. But you're OK now...'cuz now you've got me <3

Walk with me...

Are you...

  • Buried beneath a paperwork graveyard...clawing your way out...
  • Wasting time looking for income invoices, clientwork, and tax receipts...
  • Repelling high-end clients because you appear scatterbrained and unprofessional...
  • Losing money to late fees, NSF's, and credit card interest...
  • Worried you'll hafta getta J-O-B and sideline your creative genius

I see you. You have already tried...

  • Being your own bookkeeper, accountant & admin support. #rookiemistake
  • Sacrificing a weekend to get "organized" only to fall further behind...
  • Hiring your brother's girlfriend's next door neighbor because you heard he was "good with numbers"
  • Riding the credit card merry-go-round, transferring balances every six months...
  • Expecting your spouse to pick up the slack with no light at the end of the tunnel

Have You Considered...

The root cause of your 
Chaos, Unprofessionalism + Money Scramble
is actually about the way you're running your business behind-the-scenes?

Introducing The Art of Taming Chaos
{the answer to your frantic attempts at
keeping all your biz balls in the air}

Here's a sneak peak at what you get...

You + Me + Your Biz Chaos
{VIP Members Only}

First things first, we start off with a 2 hour Prep Day Intensive - you spill all and I provide the hankies. This will allow me to get on board with where your business is TODAY {#noshame} and provide you with expert guidance to get you where you want to go.

Monthly Private Calls
{VIP Members Only}

Each month you and I will connect privately - for a 30 minute call - to custom tailor your experience to where your business needs it most. This is also a great time to get some personalized Q&A in. {3 total}

Weekly Group Calls
{VIP Members Only}

Every week we will convene as a group {#sisterhood} - for a 60 minute call. Weekly topics will be taught so you know what you're working on for that week. {12 total}

#ChaosTamers Group

You get lifetime access to my private Facebook group to create community, garner support from like-minded souls, and get some Q's A'd.

12 Lessons +
12 Assignments

We will go step-by-step through everything you need to get your business running solid as a rock. I teach you a vital chaos taming strategy and you implement it during the week by taking action and using the community to make it happen.

Custom Built Manual

Throughout the program you will be creating your own personalized-to-your-business Procedure Manual (so you don't have to remember anything ever again!). Step by step.

First |

Prior to the start of The Art of Taming Chaos, you and I will have a 2 hour Prep Day Intensive where we go over everything that's happening in your business RIGHT NOW. We both need to get clear on your starting point so we can get you to where you want to be. {VIP Members Only}



You'll get a 60 minute training {VIP Members get a live training} - focusing on one element where chaos is hiding in your biz. It will be a bite-sized portion of the whole massive chaos-taming machine...and you will have an assignment to complete.

Every lesson is designed to help you do ONE thing: eliminate chaos from your business

You will post your completed assignments in a private Facebook group, where I will provide feedback and encouragement to absolutely everyone.

Here's what will be covered in The Art of Taming Chaos:

>> Filing {tighten up your chaotic business practices with these licenses to tame chaos! Get ready to sleep like a baby and create like a genius!}

>> Admin {the days of frantically searching for important documents, phone numbers, registration keys, passwords, lost computer files, and your PLANNER ;) are over. You got this.}

>> Capture Systems {explode your stifling corporate copycat office into a creative working sanctuary where your creativity flows naturally and shift gets done}  **this is my's what separates the CEOs from the employees ;)

>> Money {stop your money scramble, get out of the cash Red Zone and finally lock down your books so that tax time is a breeze. Seriously.}

>> Business Bible {presenting the keys to your queendom. Throughout this program you are going to custom code your business so you will never feel lost or confused again. Ever.}

>> Vision {break free from the grip of procrastination with these take-charge strategies designed to quiet the "I'll get to it later" voice in your head #rockyourinnerceo}


It's just gonna be you + me, Babe! You'll get a private 30 minute call with me to talk about anything your little heart desires. This is where you'll get laser focused on what parts of your business need some extra TLC. {VIP Members Only}


You'll have opportunities to win prizes for consistency and effort {things like delicious spa treats and decadent boxes of salted caramels...yes, please}

and Finally|

Your very own, custom built, made with love, run-your-business-with-your-eyes-closed Business Systems Bible. You will never have to think again. And you are now primed and ready to outsource and uplevel your biz!!

In a|

>> 2 Hour Prep Day Intensive {VIP Members Only}

>>12 Chaos Taming Lessons

>>12 Chaos Taming Assignments

>> 3 Ask-Me-Anything Private Calls {VIP Members Only}

>> An amazing online community {lifetime access}

>> Prizes {wheeeee!!!}

>> Custom Built Business Bible to make running your biz a cinch

...all for just $3,000 {try hiring a VA for THAT price!!}

Consider It DONE, Baby!

Tame procrastination, disappear inefficiencies and free up your creative genius...
Activate chaos control with work flow systems that make it look too easy...
End the time-suck of file hunting + document do-overs with a custom built Business Systems Bible...
Make allies with your cash flow using tracking tips, tricks + trade secrets

...Most Incredible Biz Systems Strategist...

Jen is the most INCREDIBLE business systems strategist out there. She definitely brings my business into proper order (as a creative, this is needed quite frequently) and pulls me back from the brink when I'm at my wits end #eternallygrateful

Nikka Karli, Writer, Speaker, Yogi, and Embodiment Expert + Founder of Turned On Life @


  • Your genius flowing while working less +  making money
  • People are paying top dollar to enjoy your brand of creativity...
  • Your spouse thanks you for your vision + never giving up
  • You creatively re-charge with exotic travel funded by your extra cash...
  • Tax time is a breeze + your office is zen

I Guarantee the Value of The Art of Taming Chaos!

The first 30 days you participate in the program are non-refundable. If, however, you are not fully satisfied after experiencing The Art of Taming Chaos, you may qualify for a refund for the remainder of the program.

About Your Chaos Taming Strategist...

Hi there, I'm Jen Jones - a former Fortune 100 organizational genius turned business systems strategist.

I've combined my two loves in life - business systems + mindset strategy - to bring you the best of both!

I now work with online entrepreneurs who are SO DONE with frantically selling their souls for tiny paychecks.  With my business savvy and corporate background, I help you create a wildly successful business by aligning your mindset and implementing a 'lil biz strategy to eradicate chaos and catapult you to the next level!

I believe your business should be a reflection of you, and that you should have lots of time in your life to enjoy the things you love. My specialty is creating simple systems from complex ideas and making them delightfully easy to follow.

How Can You Be Sure
The Art of Taming Chaos
Is Just What You Need?

Easy. This is the program for you if you:

  • Are prone to anxiety attacks when you think about tax time
  • Waste valuable time looking for clientwork, invoices and receipts
  • File all your computer docs in the "My Documents" folder
  • Catch yourself daydreaming about outsourcing all the yuck tasks

The Art of Taming Chaos is NOT the best fit for you if you:

  • Are naturally an organized person
  • Enjoy designing business systems all by yourself
  • Love working with papers, computer files, invoices, receipts, taxes...


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What's it gonna cost me to completely eliminate my business chaos + step into the Powerful CEO that I am?

What makes The Art of Taming Chaos so different than everything else out there?

Is a program like this going to infringe on my already very busy life?

What if I am just starting my business and don't have any systems yet?

How long does the whole program take?

Do you have a payment plan?

What's your refund policy?

Can't you just do it all for me??