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Money Doesn’t Flow When You’re Desperate

You’re a business owner, right? You’re a responsible adult, right? So, then how come you don’t play?

Why are you looking at me all funny?

It’s a valid question.

Ohhhhh, I get it. You must have fallen for the line that goes something like this:

Play is for children.

When you become an adult, you have more responsibility, people are counting on you, you just can’t afford to waste your time playing like a child.

Life is much more serious when you’re an adult.

You’d better start acting your age.


OK, here’s the thing. All that wisdom? Is hogwash. Poppycock. Tomfoolery.

Here’s the truth. Play is even MORE essential to you as an adult because you typically don’t make time for it (your fault, not mine). So it’s this HUGE missing piece in your life. Which means it’s affecting your business.

You knew I was going to get around to that eventually, didn’t ‘cha? 😉

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I was in the same boat. And when someone asked ME what was stopping me from incorporating more play in my life…here was my answer:

This desperate urgency to work.

I know you can relate to that!!

You see, as business owners it is soooo easy to get lost in all the details, all the to-do’s, the marketing, the creating, the billing, the admin, the branding…and everything feels like it needs to be done STAT!

Money Doesn't Flow When You're Desperate - This desperate urgency to work caused my business to fail. Find out how to suceed instead … |

That mentality, quite frankly, will set you up for a breakdown.

Well, at least that’s what happened with me.

I worked myself into such a tizzy every single day because I was desperate to make money. And in my head I knew that in order to make money, I must work. And if I wasn’t making any money, then I knew the only logical answer was to work harder.

Longer hours ensued, desperation took hold, time with my family diminished, my engagement in life spiraled down. Nope, I wasn’t depressed. I was working.

Always. Working.

There was no time for play. Heck, I couldn’t even think what I would do to play IF I were to ever have the time! So I just kept my head down, confident that all this working would result in income.

And yet it didn’t.

So then I got radical. I decided that if I was going to spend all that time working and making no money, then I could have the exact same result by NOT working! Brilliant!

So I quit working. Cold turkey. Wandered around the house wondering what to do with myself. Hung out with my kids. Played with my dog. Read some books. Tried to figure out how to “not work.”

Eventually I realized a life truth. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. #boredmyselftotears

But as I stuck with it, I stated to notice subtle changes…

My brain could put two thoughts together without imploding.

My face smiled more.

My engagement with my family skyrocketed and that made me extremely happy.

I started to relish each morning as I awoke with the whole day stretching out before me with endless possibilities.

This was NEW to me…I had seriously been a workaholic for most of my business career! Prior to this I hadn’t had the slightest idea how to have a life that included something as frivolous as play!

Missing that downtime for all those years had resulted in the exact opposite of what I thought would happen. My business was failing instead of being successful.

It became a matter of life and death to me to figure out how to incorporate play in my life.

So I’m going to ask you again, and this time, think it through with your sweet little inner child.

What is stopping you from incorporating more play in your life?

When you have your answer, just stop it. Decide that it’s not a good enough reason, and commit from this moment forward to figure out how you like to play.

And then do it.

P.S. In case you’re interested, here’s what’s been funding my play #permissiontoplay