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Easy Way To Make A Million Dollars

Have you ever wondered if there is any difference between you and a millionaire? Well, other than the fact that they have a million dollars and you, I’m guessing, don’t?

So how is it that one smart person can make a million dollars, and another smart person (you) is left struggling, trying to make ends meet? Living paycheck to paycheck. Never getting ahead.

Feeling like you’re moving one step forward and two steps back.

You both have businesses.

You both are intelligent, passionate, capable human beings.

You both have that drive, that knowing that you were meant for more…and that you can DO it!

So what the heck makes such a difference? A million dollars worth of difference??!!

Easy Way To Make A Million Dollars - What's the difference between a millionaire and you…besides the fact that they have a million dollars you, probably, don't? | jenjonesinc.com

Here it is. Here’s the secret to the easy way to make a million bucks…

It’s your thought patterns.

Not even just your thoughts, but your thought PATTERNS.

You see, when you are in the habit of thinking a certain way, for example, focusing on how the money from this paycheck will pay this upcoming bill, and then the money from the next paycheck will pay the next bill…

…this habit, this pattern of thinking, keeps you making less than a million dollars.

When your pattern of thinking leads you to believe that you will finally be happy when you have achieved your dreams of success…you will create the habit of working harder and harder so you can be successful…

…this pattern takes you far away from success AND happiness.

These thought patterns keep you just one degree off from the path that will take you to your first million dollars. You may not even notice that it’s happening, because you’ve thought this way your whole life.

So what’s the solution? Are you destined to be a less than million dollar earner for the rest of your life?


I have an easy solution for you that will help you start changing how you think.

Tweaking your thought patterns just slightly will create the momentum you need to head towards that million dollars.

What we’re going to change today is how you think about your to-do list.

You may be linear, like me, and have lists and lists and lists of all the things you need to do. You may be creative, like me, and NOT have those lists, but you’ve got them rolling through your head and you just *know* you have all these things to do.

But either way, you’ve got a lot to do.

Now listen carefully to see where the million dollar difference lies.

Your to-do lists (or un-lists) are simply that. A list.

How often do you clear your to-do’s?




You’re right. You do have a lot to do. But you’ve got to create a system where you actually DO the stuff on your lists!!! Action, baby!

So, instead of creating a list (or three)…put those items on your calendar.

Boom. Life changed.

Once you have scheduled an item on your calendar, you have scheduled yourself time to DO it. You have a built in action plan!

Not a hard tweak, but it moves you from inaction to action. And action, my love, is how you are going to make it to those beautiful dreams of yours.

Do you see how subtle that is? Your pattern has been to create lists of things to get done, but you’ve never completed all the things. Tweak those thoughts into action-taking thoughts, and you will wonder how you ever operated from an endless list.

Will this simple system make you a million dollars?


It happens to be one of the traits of millionaires, as told by Kevin Kruse of Forbes.com.

“In my research into time management and productivity, I’ve interviewed over 200 billionaires, Olympians, straight-A students and entrepreneurs. I always ask them to give me their best time management and productivity advice. And none of them have ever mentioned a to-do list.”

Keep me posted on your progress. 😉

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