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Do This {Before} You Hire A Virtual Assistant

Tame the chaos!!

I don’t want you buried under a paperwork graveyard, feeling disorganized, overwhelmed and lacking the business-systems professionalism to turn your creativity into an entrepreneurial empire. I really don’t want that for you.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens to so many entrepreneurs when they launch their online businesses.

The dream starts out differently, though…

All you really want is to focus on your genius – create your little heart out, coach your favorite peeps, just live the abundant life doing what you love, love, LOVE!

But there are so many different moving parts that are necessary to keep that dream alive. And THOSE are the parts that are in danger of being ignored, because that’s not what you got in business for, right?

Do This {before} You Hire a Virtual Assistant - Typically entrepreneurs hire a virtual assistant before they do this one thing… |

Here’s the simple truth: those parts you’re ignoring? Vital to the running of your business. So whether you like them or not, they are here to stay – and they will wreak havoc in your biz if you ignore them.

{I tried to break it to you gently.}

Now for the good news…

Today is your lucky day. You’ve got creative genius aching to get out into the world – I’ve got an insane over-the-top love for the mechanics of running a business.

Methinks we should talk.

I have a unique ability to assess complex structures and condense them down into simple processes anyone can follow. I like to call it taming the chaos.

These structures, processes and systems all network together behind-the-scenes to make your business run like a well-oiled machine. Guaranteed!

Think of it like a foundational web upon which your entire business structure rests. Your business must be built on a solid foundation so that you can focus your attention on what “really” matters – bringing your genius into the world and changing people’s lives {including mine!}.

Having functional processes in place will catch all the myriad moving pieces that inevitably come with running a business. The goal is to get these operating automatically in the background so that you can free up your mind-space to become fully you.

That can’t happen when you are distracted and scattered and stuck in the gears of your business.

You have GOT to stop re-inventing the wheel.

I’m talking one and done here. Put in the effort to develop the necessary processes and then…just…use…them. Stop splitting your energy by coming back around to creating the same things over and over again!

This is me giving you permission to get off the hamster wheel of busy inactivity.

Now go tame some chaos!

I’ve created a great free download for you: it’s a one page cheatsheet detailing the top 3 systems no business should be without. Not only does it give some great inspiration for how to firm up your business foundation, but it provides inspiration to look for other areas in your biz that might need some whipping into shape. Get it here.

Free cheatsheet