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6 Essential Business Systems to Build Your Online Empire

You’re an entrepreneur. An online entrepreneur.

That means you’re running a business! Yay for you!! {high five}

So now that we’ve established that fact about you, I know this about you for certain:

You’ve got a lot of {biz} balls in the air.

Am I right?

Yes, I’m right.

Running a business is not for the faint of heart. Sure, it looks easy when you surf online and see all the fab businesses that you are sure are making scads of money. But looks, my darling, can be deceiving.

It’s not that there AREN’T online businesses making it happen, it’s just that MOST are stuck on the hamster wheel of busy. {Pro Tip: busy=active inactivity}

Ya feel?

I have watched business after business stay stuck in their fantastic world-changing ideas simply because they don’t understand the working parts of business in general, and their business in particular.

6 Essential Business Systems To Build Your Online Empire - When you understand the bigger picture of business, you will become MUCH more successful at managing the different pieces of YOUR business | jenjonesinc.com

The second major block I see entrepreneurs struggle with is overwhelm. They are in their business up to their eyeballs, and there is so much to know, do, learn, setup, delegate, create, build, outsource…there just isn’t enough time in the day to make it all happen…it seems.

Here’s what I know…

Because of the many moving parts of business, you must be able to see the whole kit-n-kaboodle at once – a bird’s eye view, so to speak. When you understand the bigger picture of business, you will become MUCH more successful at managing the different pieces of YOUR business.

I have taken all the many, many, many {many} components of business and have created a way to show you at a glance what a business is made of. (This should also serve to confirm to you that, yes, there ARE a lot of parts, and no, you are NOT crazy.)

You will be able to take this layout and overlay it on your own business to easily see if you have any holes in your business practices, and where they are.

Let’s dive in…

There are 6 Command Centers that encompass everything it takes to run a business. Each Center is FULL of lots of different tasks, but this, as I said, is the overview so you can get a handle on the giant. We can use the acronym M3APS to help remember each one.

1. Mindset

Arguably the most important piece of all time, in all instances in life and in business {is my bias showing?}, this is where your business will succeed or fail. Hands down, nothing else comes even CLOSE to creating the vision, momentum, or juicy products for ravenous fans. The way you THINK about your business will run the show. And yes, your subconscious plays a huge role here, too, but right now I’m focusing on your conscious brain.

Many people have started online businesses because they want to end the 9-5 rat race, work from home and be with their fam, and live the 4 hour workweek lifestyle. However, all too often they bring home their employee mentality. This is a major buzz kill…for their biz. If you operate your home business with an employee mindset, you will be riding that hamster wheel like a CHAMP! The employee hires in to someone ELSE’S business practices, time schedules, and deadlines. The employee waits to be told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and where to put it. That works fanTAStic when you are employed by someone else. Not so fantastic when you’re the boss.

Switching to a powerful CEO mindset changes everything. A CEO knows her numbers, believes in the value of best practices and systems, surrounds herself with people that can do the things she can’t or won’t. She develops whatever it takes to move her business forward, onward, and upward. Do you see the difference? One mentality is a waiting mentality; the other is an action mentality. Big difference. Huge.

2. Marketing

Clearly a biggie, as well. This is how you get the word out about you, your fab product, and your rockin’ business. Any content you create lives in this Command Center. Here are just a few examples: content for your blog, podcast, video channel, or social media profiles; sales funnel creation and implementation; advertising, paid or organic; customer/client acquisition; traffic. This list could, quite possibly, be endless! Breathe. We’re gonna get you through it 🙂

3. Money

This one’s my favorite 🙂 I love money <3 You are in business, not in hobby, so therefore, money {should be} coming in. And someone’s got to count it, right??!! Even more important than that, is this: a successful business tracks everything. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Otherwise, how would you know what’s working {throw more money that direction} or not {pull the plug on those babies, QUICKLY!} Running a business requires money coming in, money going out, and lots of receipts in between. The IRS has given you some handy guidelines to follow in this department. Do you have your receipts all tidied up ready for tax time? I do. And I can show you how, too.

4. Admin

This is all the stuff that keeps your business running on the back end. The filing, organizing, business forms, client packet development, website maintenance, database management, etc. It’s also the capturing of all the unique parts of your business. Yes, spreadsheets are an admin’s best friend. 😀 This is the area where your standard operating procedures are documented. Do you have an SOP manual?

Lots of people are dying to outsource this stuff…and that’s a great option…however I fully believe that if you want to be the CEO of your business, you have to know this stuff. Do NOT outsource it until you’ve done it successfully. Your freelancer works for YOU, so that means you have to know what you’re telling them to do.

5. Product Development

You’re in business, so that means you are selling something. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling products, services, or programs…you have to develop each of those into a sellable commodity. This development phase is where you create, record and implement your ideas. It’s also where you devise systems to manage all the different pieces of your product/service/program. Made a bunch of videos? Wrote a bunch of sales copy? Researched 100 sites to get ideas to create? The Admin Command Center begins the filing system protocol, but within Product Development, you need to have further systems to keep ahead of all the information overwhelm that could result. Legal research and documents will also fit in this category for those of you inventing new stuff.

6. Start-Up

Awww, congratulations! It’s a bouncy baby biz! This is where you develop your business plan, set up your business accounts, get your name(s), trademark(s), legal entity, etc. Set up your office, get your PayPal account, and if you want (most people do) get a website and brand yourself. Everything in this category is important, but you don’t need everything to open your doors for business.

Now that you can see the main Command Centers that it takes to run a business, do you not feel so crazy?

You have undertaken a huge task, and with the help of this bird’s eye view, I hope you are beginning to understand that yes, it takes a lot to run a business, and yes, you can totally do it.

I’ve created a great free download for you: it’s a one page cheatsheet showing the 6 Command Centers of business. Post it on your wall to remind you that every task/project/job you come across in your business can be put in one of these Command Centers. Not only does it give some great inspiration for how you can think about your business, but it shows you where you might need to fill in some gaps to take your business to the next level. Get it here.